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Get all the Salt Shift Marine goods to make your machine gleam in our comprehensive Marine Wash Kit. Everything is included to maintain your PWC or boat both inside and out – trailers and water sports accessories too. From cleaning and protecting fibreglass and metal surfaces to engine flushing and parts lubrication, we’ve got you fully covered to keep it looking good and lasting longer. Protect your pride & joy with Salt Shift.



Step 1: Mix 20:1 of Salt Shift Advanced Marine Wash with water in the Salt Shift Snow Foam Gun
Step 2: Attach the foam gun to the garden hose and spray down your vessel
Step 3 Wait 30-seconds for the Salt Shift Marine Wash solution to work its magic
Step 4: Disconnect the snow foam gun handle via the brass quick release connection, and rinse down the vessel starting from top to bottom

Step 1: Fill the Salt Shift Flusher Canister with 50ml of Salt Shift Engine Flush
Step 2: Plug the flusher canister into your garden hose, and then into your cooling system flush connection
Step 3: Turn the flush canister dial to setting 3/the larger circle being 3
Step 4: Flush your engine as per your manufactures owners manual

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Kit Includes

  • Salt Shift 1L Advanced Marine Wash
  • Salt Shift 1L Advanced Engine Flush
  • Salt Shift Lano Spray
  • Salt Shift Snow Foam Gun
  • Salt Shift Wash Mitt
  • Salt Shift Twist Pile Dry Towel

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