In Western Australia, the window tint laws state that the darkest legal film you can have on car is 35%VLT with the exception of any window located behind your “B” Pillar*.

*Any Window Located Behind the “B” Pillar can be as dark as 20%VLT.

One thing to consider, a lot of newer cars are being manufactured with glass that is slightly tinted in the glass. Clear glass should read around 78-84VLT, if your glass reads darker without any film applied then once applying “Darkest Legal” film may cause it to be too dark.

In this case we would apply a slightly lighter film to compensate for this and make sure the end result is 100% Legal. Refer to this link for more info

In Most Cases, yes we will remove the door trims to allow access to below the rubber seal and the bottom of your window. This allows us to make sure the film is down past the seal so there are no gaps visible after installation. This is an industry standard and as long as total care is taken when removing this should not affect the warrantee at all.

Yes, if there is existing film on the car it will need to be removed by us prior to installation of your new film. This is usually done by using a steamer to heat up the adhesive on the old film allowing it to come away from the glass then thorough cleaning is required.


There is an additional cost involved with this process and we do recommend leaving it to us as if you attempt to do it yourself it may result in leaving too much adhesive behind and we would have to charge for the time spent removing that adhesive.

Automotive Window Tint should always be installed on the inside of the glass. In addition to this, we tint all windows in one piece (No rear windows done with strips) and also all door windows should be tinted to the very edge of the glass without any gaps.


You may however see us during the tinting process lay some of the film on the outside of the windows prior to installation. This is done to any windows with a curve so that the film can be heated into shape first, then installed on the inside.

Absolutely!! All our Automotive film comes with a “Peace of mind” Lifetime Warrantee that is valid to the owner of the vehicle for the lifetime of the ownership of the vehicle. Also all our Home and office tint comes with either a Lifetime “Residential” Warrantee or a 15 Year “Commercial” Warrantee depending on the installation being residential or commercial.


On top of that, because we pride ourselves in only using the industry’s best film and applying with the best quality workmanship, we give a personal guarantee to all our customers that if there are any reasonable issues with your film to bring it back to us and we will fix it without hassle or further cost to yourself!

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