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Salt Shift Off-Road Wash Salt & Mud wash consist of special chelating agents designed to breakdown salt, mud & limescale, along with corrosion inhibitors to slow down corrosion from producing. The industry leading surfactants then produce a thick foam application for an in-depth and safe cleanse.



Step 1: Mix 20:1 ratio of Salt Shift Off-Road Wash with water into your Salt Shift snow foam gun or cannon.
Step 2: Foam up your vehicle.
Step 3: Let Salt Shift sit for 60 seconds to work its magic.
Step 4: Disconnect the Salt Shift foam gun or Foam Cannon handle via the brass quick release from the bottle, then simply rinse down your vehicle.
Step 5: If required, use the Salt Shift microfibre wash mitt for an agitated wash to your vehicle.
Step 6: To give your Vehicle the final shine, use a Salt Shift Microfibre Dry Towel to dry away any water residue.

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