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Protect your vehicle chassis from damaging corrosion with the revolutionary Salt Shift Chassis Flusher Kit. This patented technology is purposely engineered to flush out all dirt, mud and salt from the inside of your chassis prolonging the structural integrity of your off-road vehicle.



Step 1: Plug the Salt Shift Chassis Flusher into your vehicle, trailer or caravan’s chassis rail
Step 2: Pour 100ml of Salt Shift Wash into the flusher canister
Step 3: Connect the flusher canister into the flusher hose and garden hose
Step 4: Turn the flusher canister dial to setting 3 or seen as the largest dot on the dial.
Step 5: “Tip” park your vehicle on a slight decline, or start at the highest point of the chassis rail, and work your way down, moving the chassis flusher throughout the rail 2-4 times

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Kit Includes

  • Salt Shift 1L Advanced Off-Road Wash
  • Salt Shift Chassis Flusher
  • Salt Shift Flusher Canister
  • Flusher Hose

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