$ 39.00$ 125.00

Break Down Salt And Calcium Deposits In 30 Seconds

  • Descales Your Engine Cooling System
  • Leaves A Corrosion Barrier Protection
  • Safe On Engine Gaskets And Rubbers
  • Plant-Derived Ingredients
  • Biodegradable | Hazard-free
  • PH neutral | Phosphate free
  • Australian Made



Step 1: Fill the Salt Shift Flusher Canister with 50ml of Salt Shift Engine Flush.
Step 2: Plug the flusher canister into your garden hose, and then into your cooling system flush connection.
Step 3: Turn the flush canister dial to setting 3/the larger circle being 3.
Step 4: Flush your engine as per your manufactures owners manual.

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